I’m Tyler Stembridge – a creator and communicator. More specifically, I’m a photographer. It is my objective to create art with my camera that communicates to a viewer exactly who or what each subject is. Outside of being a creator and communicator, I enjoy playing the cello in a string quartet, and practicing a sport called parkour in which I do really crazy looking jumps over and off things.

I’ve got an awesome photo editor – Chad, my brother. He has a special touch when he’s behind the screen of a computer – he can turn pictures from something not-so-special to something extraordinary. He’s also a filmmaker, and has worked as DP (director of photography) on several narrative and documentary films.

Want to talk about having some pictures done? Here’s a couple ways to get in touch:

Cell Phone – 309.657.1134
Email – tyler [at] peachtreeprairie [dot] com

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